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Attract top talent, customize your workflow, and optimize every step of your hiring process with ease — all on one platform.


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Simple Interface

Our ATS was specifically designed with simplicity and performance in mind. Now, you can flow through the tech setup quickly, and focus on attracting top talent. 

Quick & Reliable Support 

JobScore was built by recruiters, for recruiters. So we understand the challenges you face during the recruiting process and we’re happy to help any way we can. 

Intuitive Customization

Your team is unique, it’s time your ATS reflects that. Make your business stand out with our custom workflows, branded career sites, tailored features, and more. 


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JobScore helped power $15+ Billion in acquisitions


Elevate performance by having all your hiring operations in one place

Say goodbye to juggling multiple HR tools — JobScore streamlines all in one.

Quick & Easy To Set Up

“It’s amazingly easy to set up and handles complex workflows and heavy resume loads with ease. It’s so simple. I invite managers in and they’re rolling with few, if any questions.” – Chris Weber (HR & Recruiting Consultant)

Customizable To Meet Your Needs

“The great thing about JobScore is that it’s very easy to configure and change client by client. And when I say easy, I’m actually talking about a few minutes here, a few minutes there to get it set up the way you want it.” – Greg Russel (HR Consultant)

Saves Time, Money & Effort

“We grew from 40 to 200+ employees using JobScore. It’s easy to use and helped us save time and money because there are decades of hands-on recruiting expertise built into the product.” – Bob Huynh (Vice President of Human Resources)

Customer Support That Cares

“I’m a huge fan of JobScore’s support team. I never have to wait more than an hour to get a response and they always follow through which is refreshing. The JobScore team makes you feel as if you are their only customer – and that’s awesome!” – Jason Elkin (HR)


“Hiring Has Never Been THIS Simple! – love it”

It’s no secret, hiring teams win with JobScore – Here’s why!

Without JobScore

Recruiters are less productive because they’re wasting countless hours manually posting to job boards.

Recruiters feel overwhelmed with complicated ATS systems that cause more problems than solutions.

Recruiters struggle to efficiently manage resumes, rank candidates, and pursue the best fit prospects.

Top candidates slip through the cracks because of inconsistent interview scheduling and poor communication.

Recruiters have difficulty optimizing their hiring process because they lack good data, analytics, and reports.

With JobScore

Recruiters can quickly post to over 70+ job boards with a single click and get more done in less time.

Recruiters feel confident and in control with an easy to use, intuitive, and highly effective ATS system.

Recruiters can manage their talent flow from one dashboard and spend more time with top prospects.

Recruiters get better output from their hiring efforts with quick interview scheduling and automatic reminders.

Recruiters can skyrocket their team’s hiring performance with up to date analytics and executive reports.


Hear From Happy Customers Worldwide

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One of the phenomenal things about the JobScore team is that they all come from the industry. From the CEO down to the Success staff, all of them have been recruiters. They understand exactly what’s on my desk and the platform reflects that.

Jason Elkin

The great thing about JobScore is that it’s very easy to configure and change client by client. And when I say easy, I’m actually talking about a few minutes here, a few minutes there to get it set up the way you want it.

Greg Russel

I searched for years for recruitment software that has the features I need that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. JobScore is EXACTLY what I’ve wanted and needed for a long time. I’m using the heck out of JobScore and am thrilled to have found it!”

Angie White

JobScore puts the candidate relationship at the forefront. Great ability to put in notes, auto-captures emails, easy and customizable candidate steps and offer process, integrated offer/Docusign process, creation of tags for candidate tracking purposes.

Carmen W.

“It seems to be a great way to sort and categorize the various candidates and job positions” I like that any of the assigned hiring managers can make a note that all of us can see regarding the status of or questions about a candidate.

Jared B.

“Working on an Interview Team”. Having the pre-built templates for the interview team to work with during interviews while all of the candidate’s information is readily available helps.

Chris D.

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