Add Candidate 2.0 Beta -Adding Candidates

One of the first features added to JobScore was the ability to add candidates.  The add candidate user experience was showing its age, so we took the time to modernize and streamline it.

We know that adding candidates is a frequently used, critical feature and if it doesn’t work – that’s a big problem.  Because of this, we’ve made it so that you’ll be able to switch back and forth between the new beta version and the old version should you experience a hiccup.

Beta participants will also be the first to try out a few enhancements that make it even easier to add candidates including:

  • Updated de-duplication logic and duplicate resolution
  • Add a note and a candidate in the same step
  • Find the address to add candidates by email
  • Import a candidate from your gmail, yahoo or hotmail address book
  • Bulk import candidates from a spreadsheet
  • Update candidates by parsing a new resume

To be a beta participant, simply click the large green BETA button in the top right corner of the Add Candidate page.