Automatic Candidate Duplicate Detection

JobScore has always been pretty good at detecting duplicates. When you try to add a new candidate we do our best to make sure they aren’t already in your account so everyone on your team can stay on the same page.

That said, we’re not perfect and duplicates do happen. A few years ago we added the ability to merge candidates when you find them. Today we launched an enhancement that automatically tries to detect duplicates for you. If JobScore thinks a candidate record might be a duplicate you’ll be shown a warning that looks like this:

If you agree it’s a duplicate you’ll be asked to merge the candidates. If you say it’s not a duplicate we’ll hide the warning and never show it again for these two candidate records.

For some of you who have been using JobScore for a while it’s possible that you’ll see a lot of duplicate messages. Though it may take a while to resolve all of these duplicates, we’re confident it will be much easier to manage your candidate communications when you are done.