Careers Site 2.0 – Customisable Job Applications

You can now customize the information you request from candidates for each job in your account, the general talent network application and on the new job template.  To customize the application for a specific job just click on it and scroll to the bottom of the page (after the job description)

Starting today you can make the resume and cover letter attributes required, optional, or completely remove them.

In the coming weeks we’ll add the ability to control the following additional attributes:

  • Contact Information (Phone, Email, Address) 
  • Profile links (LinkedIn, Facebook, Github, etc.)
  • Employment & Education
  • Whether the job seeker needs to register / create a password

When we’re done you’ll be able to streamline your application to require as few as four fields: first name, last name, email and source.

If there are other ways you’d like to customize your job application forms, please let us know in the JobScore Ideas Forum