Careers Site 2.0 – More Improvements in Customisable Job Application

Starting today you can remove the need for job seekers to register when they apply for a job.  Turning off registration has it’s pros and cons:

  • The awesome: You can customize your job application form to ask for just a name, email and source.  This means people can apply for a job in seconds.
  • The less good:  Turning off registration also turns off duplicate detection.  This means that people will be able to apply for the same job more than once.  This can cause some confusion for your team and means you’ll need to merge candidates more frequently.
  • The really not-so-good:  Turning off registration means people will likely have to do more data entry to apply.  Turning off registration also turns off the “import step” that extracts information from candidate’s resumes / LinkedIn profiles OR allows them to re-use a saved profile to pre-populate the job application form.  For this reason, we recommend only turning off registration if you’ve already customized your job application to be incredibly short.

Turning off registration usually makes sense for jobs where you get very few applicants and you want to make it as easy as possible for candidates to express interest.

This control is shown at the top of the job application form customization area for each job, here:

register in job application