Custom Job Fields

In recent customer interviews, we found that many of you were spending hours updating spreadsheets to meet your reporting requirements.  We learned you were having to do this because the spreadsheets included unique information like HRIS system IDs, budget owners, who the job is replacing and more.

We created Job Fields (available for our Professional and Enterprise customers) to help you stop having to manually update spreadsheets.  Job Fields allow you to create custom text, checkbox and multiple choice fields for jobs.  For instance, you could create a field called “HRIS ID” and paste this in for each job.  Then, when you ran a report from JobScore, this information would be included.

Once configured, job fields make it easy to store all of the information you need for your reports in JobScore and generate the reports you need with one click.  Job Fields are already included in the downloads from the Job Manager, Hire Report, Pipeline Report and Activity Report.

You can also include Job Fields in you careers site feed to make them publicly accessible.  For example, if you created a job field called “Category” you’d then be able to configure your careers site based on this value in addition to location or department.

Learn more in the helpcenter article about Job Fields. Questions? Contact if you need a hand setting them up.