Flexible Interview Reminder Emails

You can now configure JobScore to send multiple pre- and post- interview email reminders for each user.

  • Multiple pre-interview reminders are useful because you can set up a reminder the day before your interview to prompt you to look up the candidate’s background and prepare, and another 10 minutes before the interview so you have what you need to get started.
  • Post-interview reminders help ensure the team enters feedback after interviews. Post interview reminders are only sent when there is a note template associated with a task (prompting the user to add feedback). Once the user adds feedback, the task is automatically marked as completed and post-interview reminders are cancelled.

Based on your feedback, we’ve also updated the default interview reminder settings in JobScore to match what’s shown below:

flexible tasks alerts

IMPORTANT: JobScore now sends reminder emails daily for one week if the user doesn’t enter feedback after an interview. To change these settings visit the View User > Overview page and click to edit their task alerts. Interview Reminder settings can only be edited by users with the OWNER and ADMIN access levels.

Learn more in our helpcenter article about Interview Reminders >>