JobScore: Now Prettier & Easier

JobScore is improved and tweaked all the time – but we’re long overdue for a formal update. This is a good one.

Refreshed Employer Interface

Refreshed JobScore User Interafce

We’ve overhauled & updated our 2008-era user interface — and we’re fired up with the results. You can access the employer beta right now using your normal login here:

Please give it a try and send us some feedback. If you have any problems you can go back to the old UI using the “Switch to Classic” button.

Scheduled Candidate Emails

JobScore Schedule Candidate Emails

Some people who apply for your jobs are obviously not qualified. You’d like to send them a “Thanks – but no thanks” email right away… but sending it immediately is a bit rude.

Starting now your “standard decline” emails are scheduled to only go out 1 hour after you hit send.

You control the schedule and can set up each individual email template to send emails whenever you like.

Important: Scheduled Email delivery times can only be edited in the employer beta.

Improved Instant Search

JobScore Improved Instant Search

We’ve updated the instant search box in the top right of the primary navigation to return jobs and users as well as candidates … so you can find what you need with fewer clicks.

In addition to job titles we’ve also indexed job ID #s to make instant search (autocomplete) even easier.

Drag and Drop Files From Your Desktop

new employer beta files

In the new employer beta you can also drag and drop resumes and other files from your desktop into notes or emails directly into JobScore… yet another way for you to click less and recruit more!

Merge & Delete Candidates

merge duplicate candidates

Admins can now delete candidates they added accidentally as well as merge duplicate candidates together.<.p>

Here’s the really good news: the way we’ve built this you can’t mess up any of your reports when you delete or merge candidates.

Auto-remove Live Job Postings

job posts templates

When you change a job’s status to closed or on-hold we ask if you want to remove your jobs from job boards – making your life just that little bit easier and keeping candidates from trying to apply for jobs that aren’t open anymore.

Enjoy & Happy Hiring,

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Dan Arkind | Co-Founder & CEO | JobScore