A few new job boards

We’ve added 5 new 1 click job posting options to JobScore – a little something for everyone.

one click job posts

With 4M+ monthly visitors Job.com is among the most visited employment sites on the web. Exclusively for JobScore customers postings are 20% off in February 2013 ($79 instead of $99)   Click to log in and give job.com a try.

new job posts options

You likely know glassoor as an employer rating and review site – but you may not not know that you can now post free job listings and sponsor your jobs. Glassdoor postings can hijack job seekers while they research your competition.

jobscore's entire tech news

We’ve supported Techcrunch and Venturebeat for years. Now you can post to Mashable and GigaOm & let the entire tech news world know you’re hiring with just one click.

job board with coroflot

Coroflot is among the best sites for creative talent on the web. Not only is their site great – when you post your job to Coroflot it’s also listed on an entire network of creative sites. Cool right?

The Coroflot network includes:

job to Coroflot

Thanks for suggesting these sites, and if there are other paid job boards you’d like to post regularly, please let us know in the JobScore Ideas Forum.