Pay Transparency Compliance

Pay transparency compliance legislation was passed throughout the United States in 2022. On Jan 1, 2023 California, Colorado, Washington State, and New York City will all require employers to include compensation information for jobs. Here’s how JobScore is handling pay compensation:

  1. We’ve added a card for pay transparency to the compliance page in the JobScore administrative console:

    Control pay transparency compliance

  2. When you edit your pay transparency compliance settings you can make public compensation required or not for different locations:

    Edit pay transparency compliance settings for jobs

Starting with California and Washington on Jan 1, 2023 as new laws go into effect, compensation information will be automatically required for jobs in the locations they govern. You can make compensation information required sooner if you prefer.

After it’s automatically turned on, the setting to require public compensation information for different locations can be turned off, but doing so may open you up to fines. Also, some job boards will not post jobs in some locations if compensation information is missing.

Moving forward, as pay transparency laws are passed in new locations in 2023 and beyond, we plan to do things the same way: making public compensation information required, then giving you the option to relax the requirement on the compliance page if you need to.

The pay transparency compliance control is only visible to customers using the new user experience.

If you need to add public compensation information to many jobs to be compliant, please contact for details on how we can help.