Rating Questions and Comments

We’ve made a few improvements to candidate ratings that make it easier for your team to interview better.

Rating Questions

Interview templates can include scorecards with ratings that prompt interviewers to focus on specific criteria. However, inexperienced interviewers are often unsure what questions to ask candidates.

Rating questions allow you to add sample questions to ask to explore specific rating criteria in interviews.

Add sample interview questions for candidate scorecard rating criteria

Rating Comments

Rating comments give interviewers a place to qualify or justify their thumbs up/thumbs down candidate ratings.

Add comments to candidate scorecard ratings

When rating comments are added they will appear everywhere users see interview feedback in JobScore, including email alerts.

See rating comments on candidate scorecards when reviewing interview feedback

Users with the Admin or Owner access level can add rating questions and toggle rating comments on and off:

Toggle rating questions and rating comments on and off for each candidate scorecard