Remote Job Improvements

Remote work has been on the rise for years. In the COVID-19 pandemic, “shelter-in-place” is the new normal for many people, so it’s more important than ever to make it clear if your jobs allow people to work from home. So, we’ve made it even easier to attract and hire remote workers using JobScore. Here’s what’s new:

Choose whether remote work is supported for each job

When you add or edit a job there’s now a “remote work” control:

Add jobs for remote workers

When you select “yes” JobScore will:

Control how remote locations are shown

JobScore also allows you to control how remote jobs are shown to both job seekers on your careers site and your employees as locations in JobScore.

Attract job seekers for remote jobs

Complete details on your options for setting up remote locations can be found in the JobScore helpcenter article about jobs with no location.

Buy postings on the WeWorkRemotely job board

On the post job page you can now buy a posting on WeWorkRemotely. Several of our customers have reported that this site “just works” for remote jobs. Give it a try if are looking for more qualified candidate pipeline for a remote job:


What’s next?

Our team is busy coding up integrations to add video conference links from Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and more to your interviews. Stay tuned!

Stay safe, stay healthy & happy hiring!