Search Firm Inbox Beta

The search firm inbox is an “agency portal” designed to make it easier to work with third party recruiters.  The feature allows you to assign search firm recruiters to specific jobs.  Assigned recruiters can then submit resumes directly into your JobScore account, saving you the trouble of entering candidate data and having to deal with duplicate submissions and candidate ownership squabbles.

The search firm inbox will be an enterprise feature and today we are opening up the search firm beta to all enterprise customers. Active features in the beta include:

Search Firm Admin pages: Assign recruiters to jobs.  See how many submissions have been made by each search firm and each recruiter.

Assign recruiters to jobs as an interrupt: You can assign Search Firm Recruiters to a Job in step 3 of Add Job and from the View Job > Edit Search Firms page.

Job Manager: You can see the number of recruiters assigned to a job in the activity column, clicking on it navigates to the view job > search firms page.

View Job > Search Firms: Added a page where you can see which search firms and recruiters are assigned to a job and how they are performing.

Add Candidate: When adding new candidates you are now prompted to assign both the search firm and the specific recruiter as a source for better tracking.

Resume Inbox: Search Firms are identified based on their email address and their resumes are automatically assigned appropriately.

HelpCenter article: We’ve added some support documentation you can point your search firms at should they have questions.

If you’d like to participate, please email