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Built by recruiters for recruiters, JobScore is an ATS that pulls out all the stops. A software that gives you everything you need to succeed.

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Top HR Teams Love JobScore – Here’s Why

Its Intuitive and Easy To Use

Not another confusing ATS. We help you quickly eliminate any busy work and complications so you can click less and do more.

Enjoy A 5 Star Experience

You’ll get a dedicated account manager to help you at every step. From customizing the platform to optimizing your hiring success.

Insights At Your Fingertips

Integrates data from all your systems so you can monitor all insights from a single source and make better hires in record time.

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Hear From HR Pros Like You

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-Elisha Adams

“All the bells and whistles with flexible pricing .Provides small businesses and non profits with an affordable, effective, applicant tracking system to help recruit great candidates.”

Amy B

Chief HR Partner at Barker Consulting

“Easy to use and cost effective.
I appreciate the quick posting to many sites for little or no additional cost. I also love the dashboard feature, which allows us to see the status of all the jobs at a glance”

Rhonda G

HR Director at Horizon AG Products

“JobScore is a Robust Tool for recuriters. I like the integrated email and calendar features- makes scheduling with multiple people easy. I like that all the candidate records and notes are in one place”

Kathy M

Associate VP HR at Roanoke College


Simplify Your Hiring By Having All Your Tools In One Place

Look Fabulous

Drag, drop, and click your way to a beautiful career site.

Ask The Right Questions

Create the perfect application form for every job.

Be Responsive And Polite

Effortlessly provide an outstanding candidate experience.

Post to Job Boards

Eliminate hours of data entry with a single click.

Boost Employee Referrals

Turn your team into a referral machine.

Share on Social Networks

Get social and spread the word about your jobs.

Manage Search Firms

Make agency collaboration fast, easy & accurate.

Notify the Right People

Send everyone the right message at the right time.

Review Candidates

Move the right candidates to the top of the pile.

Take Action

Perform up to 5 actions at the same time with 1 click.

Streamline Communications

Auto-magically track notes and emails.

Connect Your Calendar

Make scheduling interviews suck a lot less.

Interview Better

Provide everything interviewers need on one screen.

Make Great Hiring Decisions

Reduce risk by making evidence based decisions.

Automate Reminders

Set it and forget it. Let JobScore do the nagging for you.

Drive Recruiting Dashboards

Keep everyone up to date and on point.

Customize Workflows

Your process. Your way. Every job.

Control Employee Access

Keep it secret. Keep it safe.

Integrate Everything

Connections matter. Get connected.

Spend Wisely

See exactly how to save time & money.

Improve Continuously

Identify where there’s room for improvement.

Stay Compliant

EEO & OFCCP making you nervous? No need!

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Experience The JobScore Difference


HR Professionals are less productive because they’re wasting time with spreadsheets and manually posting to job boards.

HR Professionals feel overwhelmed with a complicated ATS that cause more problems than solutions.

HR Professionals struggle to efficiently manage resumes, rank candidates, and pursue the best-fit prospects.

Top candidates slip through the cracks because of inconsistent interview scheduling and poor communication.

HR Professionals have difficulty optimizing their hiring process because they lack good data, analytics, and reports.


HR Professionals can quickly post to over 70+ job boards with a single click and get more done in less time.

HR Professionals feel confident and in control with an easy to use, intuitive, and highly effective ATS system.

HR Professionals can manage their talent flow from one dashboard and spend more time with top prospects.

HR Professionals get better output from their hiring efforts with quick interview scheduling and automatic reminders.

HR Professionals can skyrocket their team’s hiring performance with up-to-date analytics and executive reports.