Love for Monster Returns in Latest Yahoo! Redesign

About a month ago, Yahoo! started playing around with a homepage redesign.

In one of the iterations, the link to job content from the main navigation – which has been a staple since Monster acquired Yahoo!’s HotJobs a few years ago – was absent.

But if you thought the love affair, or maybe the contractual requirements, were over, you’d be wrong. The latest version of the Yahoo! homepage, according to All Things D, includes a link to job openings (see lefthand navigation in image below).

enjoying Yahoo exposure

Granted, the link to jobs is in last place, but it’s clearly there and shares real estate among fewer links when compared to Yahoo! today. The main change: The current Monster favicon “M” has been changed to an image of a briefcase. 

Good news for Monster and its clients, who can continue enjoying the exposure that only a Yahoo! homepage can give, as well as ride the wave of Yahoo! rebirth, currently being led by former Google executive, CEO Marissa Mayer.

Feel the love, just in time for the holidays.