What is Applicant

An active candidate is someone who is proactively seeking new employment opportunities. They might be employed or unemployed, but they are consistently exploring and applying for jobs, and are eager to discuss potential roles with recruiters and employers.

Applicant explained

An applicant is someone who has officially expressed interest in a job by submitting an application. This process typically involves sending a resume, cover letter, and other necessary documents to the employer. Applicants are actively seeking the specific role they apply for and have taken the initiative to enter the hiring process.

Applicants are generally well-prepared, having tailored their applications to meet the job’s requirements. This indicates a serious interest and a proactive approach to job searching. Employers often view applicants favorably because they have shown a clear desire for the position and have taken steps to pursue it.

Additionally, applicants are often more engaged in the hiring process, responding promptly to communications, and participating actively in interviews. Their commitment to the application process signals reliability and a strong interest in the job, making them strong contenders for the position.