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How JobScore helps 1904labs win the war for technical talent

About  1904labs

1904labs is a technology consulting firm based in St. Louis, Missouri. Founded in 2016, the company provides digital transformation solutions in the financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, and agriculture industries. For six years running, 1904labs has been named one of the Top 25 Workplaces in St. Louis by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.



people hired, including 60+ hard-to-fill technical roles


candidate relationships built in 6 years


of employees use JobScore every week

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Our goal at 1904labs is to be a company people actively want to work for. JobScore helps make that vision a reality.”

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Laura Tromben

Director of Talent Acquisition at 1904labs

Relationships are the key to recruiting success

When recruiting, 1904labs regularly beats competitors with talent acquisition budgets that are 100 times larger. The ability to attract, hire, and retain talent is a big part of what’s helped them win marquee clients and accolades. The firm´s secret sauce is its focus on being a destination employer. “We work hard to be the kind of company people actively want to work for,” explains Director of Talent Acquisition Laura Tromben. “We accomplish that by building relationships.”

Make a great first impression

Tromben says that they do a lot of research and message customization when reaching out to new prospects: “We don’t send generic ‘I hope this email finds you well’ messages. It’s more like, ‘Hey, I want to bump this up in your inbox because I noticed that you do a lot of software as a service engineering. That’s the sandbox that we play in. Let’s chat!’” JobScore’s email templates and customization features allow Tromben and her team to include personal details that help them stand out, improve response rates, and start things off on the right foot.

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Automate without sacrificing humanity

JobScore combines personalized messaging capabilities with powerful, easy-to-use automation. It’s easy to send messages using your work email (so messages come from real people, not generic email marketing programs), to choose who messages come from, customize content with placeholder fields, and bulk send messages when needed. JobScore has made personalization at scale the new normal.

With JobScore we’re really getting the best of both worlds – automation that enables us to reach out to more people with customization that helps us stay human.”

Smiling Woman with Black Hair and Green Bangs

Laura Tromben

Director of Talent Acquisition at 1904labs

An effortless single source of recruiting truth

Once you start a dialog with a candidate, it’s important that your entire team knows what’s going on and that everyone stays on the same page. The last thing you want is to have a candidate feel like they aren’t special and important. That’s easier to avoid when everyone has the most up to date at their fingertips. Tromben says, “Everybody at 1904labs is able to use JobScore quickly and easily. It’s very intuitive, which means I’m able to get new team members onboarded and running faster.” When your entire team is on the platform, people have the information they need to create unique, meaningful candidate experiences and build relationships.

Documentation and transparency are things my team really cares about. JobScore makes it easy to add notes and feedback, but their email capture is huge for us – and ensures there are no gaps in documentation.”

Smiling Woman with Black Hair and Green Bangs

Laura Tromben

Director of Talent Acquisition at 1904labs

Talking about teamwork and transparency is not enough, you have to show it

An interview process is a reflection of what it’s going to be like to work for a company. Having team members show up late and unprepared? That’s bad. Repeating the same questions over and over again?  Inexcusable. One hand doesn’t know what the other hand is doing? That tells candidates everything they need to know about what it will be like to work for a company day in and day out. JobScore helps make these recruiting gaffes a thing of the past.

JobScore helps us showcase how well we work together at 1904labs. JobScore helps us make sure we don’t repeat ourselves, and that we have the information we need to make great hiring decisions.”

Smiling Woman with Black Hair and Green Bangs

Laura Tromben

Director of Talent Acquisition at 1904labs

Having everyone on the platform helps foster an environment of transparency and teamwork, which makes the 1904labs team look great to candidates. Tromben says, “Anybody on the team can pick up where someone else left off. That’s a huge feature for us.”

When hiring becomes a team sport, everyone gets better at recruiting. The logistical details fade away and the team can focus on the things that matter: making meaningful connections and improving the firm’s ability to assess and attract great people.

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Not just technology, people committed to your recruiting success

1904labs had a strong recruiting culture before starting with JobScore, but JobScore’s customer success team helped make things even better. Tromben raves, “JobScore dedicated three days to auditing our talent acquisition process. They helped us understand how we could utilize new features and integrations to improve our efficiency.”

A great candidate experience from start to finish

JobScore doesn’t just help with notes, interviews, and email tracking, it helps with offers as well. “Our old offer process was antiquated. The candidate had to print out the offer letter, sign it, scan or take a picture of it, and then send it back. That’s not the kind of tech-forward process you’d expect,” Tromben explains. With the JobScore DocuSign integration, candidates receive, sign, and return offers electronically. “In addition to improving the candidate experience, it speeds up the process, which is important because velocity matters when we need to get consultants hired and out on client projects.”

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Early on we were doing a lot of our work outside of the ATS, but with the JobScore team’s help, we’ve been able to adjust configurations and activate integrations that enable us to take full advantage of the platform. We wouldn’t have gotten there without the investment that JobScore made in helping us audit our process.”

Smiling Woman with Black Hair and Green Bangs

Laura Tromben

Director of Talent Acquisition at 1904labs

As digital transformation consultants, the 1904labs team understands that meaningful change and progress requires people, process, and technology to drive results, and they love that JobScore shares the same values.

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Partners that listen

1904labs has also provided input into the development of new JobScore features. “We’ve had the opportunity to beta test new features. We talk to the head of product directly to share ‘This is what I do. This would make my job easier. This makes my job harder.’ JobScore incorporates our feedback into their ongoing development. That’s a pretty special and unique opportunity,” Tromben says.

Perhaps the greatest value for 1904labs comes from JobScore’s unrivaled customer service and ongoing commitment to simplifying and improving hiring. “We’ve had the same account rep for the six years we’ve been on the platform. I can’t say that about anything else we use.”

About JobScore

JobScore is an applicant tracking system and recruiting software platform that empowers employers to find and hire great people. We relentlessly build and improve software that helps your team get better at recruiting. To learn more, visit

About 1904labs

1904labs helps IT leaders implement modern software and data solutions by deploying teams of innovative people who know how to get work done inside of large complex organizations, armed with a proven methodology to build the right thing the right way. To learn more, visit

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